Software-Generated Paper Accepted At IEEE Conference

The field of Computer-related publications has become saturated with mediocre papers presented at a multitude of obscure conference that are nothing but a ponzi scheme for the associations behind them, often charging speakers upward of $600 for the "privilege" of presenting their research. The work of these MIT students has exposed several conferences that accepted fake (computer-generated and senseless) papers.

Instead of focusing on writing papers that no one will ever read, researchers in the computer field should take a cue from their security colleagues and focus on research projects that make a difference and truly advance the profession, even at the risk of being labeled FUD.

It's time for academia to once again find its focus and voice. Instead of trying to compete with the MIT and Purdue of this world, teaching institutions (i.e. those below "tier one") should focus on what they are best at: teaching.

Src: Software-Generated Paper Accepted At IEEE Conference | Slashdot

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