Mumbai Terrorists used Technology as Weapon of War

This article presents an update on the methods used by the Mumbai terrorists: technology in the form of BlackBerry phones and Internet access. This shows a level of planning and organization that is unusual for most terrorist groups. However, it probably won't be the last time we see the bad guys using technology for sinister purposes.

Src: Terrorists turn technology into weapon of war in Mumbai (The Courier-Mail)


Anonymous said...

This is a weird story. Does it come as a surprise that "Terrorist" use the same technology as normal people. Of course "Terrorist" use the Internet, Blackberrys, Email, Encryption, Toilets, and drink water like most everyone I know. Technology has always been used for good and bad.

DrInfoSec said...

Of course Marcus is right in commenting that Terrorists would also use the same technology available to anyone else.

What's new or different in this case is the level of use of that technology, allowing a small group, some would say almost an elite force, to take strategic targets and hold them for days.

The news posting reports that "...the assault team had noticed only three or four terrorists."