Windows Drivers & Licenses

This news post from Christopher Dawson exemplifies the problem that plague most of today's Windows-based distribution: licenses and drivers.

On the licensing side, the user is faced with a barrage of cryptic codes to enter, if they remember where they put the license key in the first place. How about coming up with word-based licenses instead G6QRH five times?

On the driver side, my own experience echoes that of Mr. Dawson in that both Dell and HP's service tags manage to recognize the machine but present an array of choices regarding hardware drivers. How is a user to know which particular version of a network card or sound card one has? Why can't manufacturers code that level of detail into their license tags? Please don't mention HPA (Host Protected Access), a special area of the disk where manufacturers "store" (hide?) drivers and restoration software.

Ubuntu, a free Linux distribution with the look and feel of Windows, will install and recognize most hardware without ever asking for a license or a driver. We need technology that simply works instead of getting in the way.

Src: Are you sure you don’t just want to use Ubuntu? (

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