Cisco Report: Hackers Will Be Bolder, Smarter, Craftier in 2009

Not quite the rosy picture for 2009, the Cisco Annual Security Report should be a wake up call to all in the security sphere. Ready your defenses...

Who can you trust? [insert name of trusted site here] - Are you sure?
Targeted attacks and blended, cross-vector assaults, along with a 90 percent growth in threats originating from legitimate domains
A cloudy forecast for Web 2.0:
Internet criminals have staked out new attack vectors this year based on the use of Web-based services reached through standard browsers.
Raising an army of machines:
Attacks using botnets, social engineering and reputation hijacking became noticeably more prevalent.
But the network is secure, right?
The edge of the network is expanding rapidly, and the increasing number of devices and applications in use can make the expanding network more susceptible to new threats.
And for the finale, some philosophy about security:
Human nature rules, and security decisions by corporations are sometimes only made after a problem develops.
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