Innovation in firewalls? You bet!

What do you get when you put 3 giants of security in a room to discuss firewalls and IPS? Watch this presentation from Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst for IT-Harvest as he interviews Martin McKeay, Amrit Williams, and Mike Murray.

Innovation in firewalls? You bet. | ThreatChaos


Unknown said...

Giants?? I'd hardly call us giants. But it is a bunch of guys with strong opinions, which is always fun.

Thanks for watching,


DrInfoSec said...

Modesty is a sign of greatness. The field of security is full of self-professed security gurus.

Martin is indeed a giant as he not only engages in continuous learning but also shares his interest and experiences with the rest of the security community. His blog and podcast are a service to us all.

Prajwal Shrestha said...

Just had a good time learning more about firewalls and its applicability!

Prajwal Shrestha said...

Just had a great time learning about firewalls and its applicability and durability!