It's time to start issuing PC licenses

Known as the Cyber Cynic of ComputerWorld, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, recently wrote an article arguing for the licensing of PC users. Here's what Dr.InfoSec had to say:
A hybrid approach of licensing PC users and providing virtualized desktops may be the best approach.

Imagine a $100 device that would be instantly on, where you could not save anything (including malware taking over) and where the user would be brought to his/her virtual desktop with all of the enterprise-class protections that are considered best practices today.

So where does licensing fit in this picture? If you have a need to use a *real* PC (is there such a thing anymore), you would need to be licensed in safe computing (much like your state or country licenses safe drivers). If you are found to be in violation of safe computing practices, your license may be revoked and you will be brought back to the virtual desktop environments.
Src: It's time to start issuing PC licenses - Computerworld Blogs

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