Bill Brenner on Insider Threat

Bill Brenner, Senior Editor at CSO Online, wrote an article in response to a recent Symantec / Ponemon Institute survey which found that 79% percent of respondents took data without an employer's permission and 24% still had access to company systems after leaving the company. Bill's point is that this is nothing new:
If enterprise security shops are only now discovering the insider threat and the need for a layered defense with tighter access controls, they have bigger problems than the current recession.
Companies should not only have processes for deprovisioning employees that have left, but also appropriate controls and processes for the employees that are still employed:
One could also argue that laid-off employees aren't as big a threat as those who remain on the inside with access to data they can sneak off to black marketers offering cash for proprietary data one can only obtain if they're still on the inside.
Src: Laid-off Workers as Data Thieves? | CSO Online - Security and Risk

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