LongURL - A neat add-on for Twitter

Earlier today I found myself getting several notices of new Twitter followers in a matter of minutes. When I displayed their profiles to find out more about them (i.e. whether I should follow back), I discovered that their profiles linked to abbreviated URLs. Not content to simply click on a link that could take my Firefox+NoScript anywhere, I searched around for URL expanding applications and found LongURL.

Thanks to a few well-known fellow Twitters my initial tweet got picked up and before I had the chance to post a blog entry with of my own, Graham Cluley of Sophos had blogged about it. Be sure to stop by and read his blog entry. At the very least LongURL could prevent an embarrassing Rick-Roll.

Src: A neat add-on for Twitter | Graham Cluley's blog [also on Twitter as @gcluley]

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