Move over LinkedIn - Hello Twitter [v1.2]

Last updated:
03/09/09: added more categories of infosec folks to follow
02/23/09: added a top 10 of the who's who in infosec on Twitter

For InfoSec folks, Twitter's where the action is. While LinkedIn is touted as the meeting space for professionals, Twitter allows for much more open, instantaneous interactions between information security folks, regardless of one's credentials or professional baggage. For example, a former student of mine now regularly exchanges tweets (i.e. twitter messages) with one of the top SANS author and instructor. In LinkedIn, such interactions would require finding a common discussion forum, or harder yet, to establish a direct connection between parties, with all of the prerequiste level of trust implied.

However, this open playground for the superstars of InfoSec may not last forever. As one's following grows, they are less likely to follow back in order to stay focused. I find myself in this position, having to resist following back in order to be able to focus my attention on those that I wish to learn from. That is not to say that those that I do not follow have nothing to offer, but that I have to manage my time to make the most of it. I have gone through several rounds of pruning in the past weeks, and still end up with over one hundred (100) security folks that I want to follow.

There are also possible changes looming on the horizon, stemming from Twitter's own survival and its need to make money out of the social networking space.

This is a unique moment in time, a gathering of sorts, so if you are in (or interested in) Information Security, embrace Twitter and join this cohort of security veterans and novices.

To encourage some of my security colleagues to join Twitter and get instant value added, I created a list of ten security folks to follow on Twitter. This is of course only a start and I welcome any additional suggestions along with reasons to follow.
  1. @securitytwits - gathering of security folks from all walks of life
  2. @stiennon - former Gartner analyst, now independent speaker and prolific blogger
  3. @rmogull - former Gartner analyst, co-host NetSecPodcast
  4. @kriggins - jack of all trades, and from nearby Iowa
  5. @edskoudis - master SANS instructor, and co-founder InGuardians
  6. @PrivacyProf - top-rated privacy speaker, from nearby Iowa
  7. @jeremiahg - web-app vulnerability researcher and CTO of White Hat Security
  8. @alexhutton - risk management
  9. @catalyst - all around governance and staying positive
  10. @BrianHonan - European (Ireland) security perspective, member SANS NewsBites advisory board
Thanks to all for your feedback. Here's an extended list:
  • Infosec Podcasters:
    • @mckeay & @rmogull: Martin McKeay & Rich Mogull of the Network Security podcast
    • @pauldotcom: Paul & Larry of the PaulDotCom Security Weekly podcast
    • @riskybusiness: Patrick Gray of the Risky Business security podcast
  • Security vendors (a select few):
    • @SANSInsitute: Official updates from SANS - useful security tips
    • @SANS_ISC: SANS Internet Storm Center - stay current
    • @CoreSecurity: Often provides goodies for followers, including direct links to webcasts and slides
  • More to come


Anonymous said...

You mention "infosec" and "Twitter" in the same post -- so I feel like I *have* to mention Security Twits:

DrInfoSec said...

The SecurityTwits is indeed a great resource, and likely a key reason for the amount of activity and user base growth in the InfoSec space.

Gal Shpantzer said...

I'm finally surrendering to the twit army... for completely useless micro-updates from yours truly.


Kevin said...

Wow, Christophe. Not sure I belong on that list, but sure do appreciate you putting me there :)


DrInfoSec said...

I'm looking for suggestions for Twitter folks that are authoritative on: cloud computing, virtualization security, forensics.