2009 The Year of Outsourcing Dangerously

This nine-page report on the dangers of outsourcing in 2009 is a must read for anyone whose organization is considering outsourcing options. It contains various nuggets of useful information from a ranked list of best (& worst countries) as well as an assessment of various offshore locations (safe vs risky) across ten areas:
  1. Support for capitalism
  2. Corruption & organized crime
  3. Geopolitical conditions
  4. Economy & currency
  5. Law enforcement
  6. IT infrastructure
  7. Environmental laws
  8. Terrorism
  9. Maturity of legal system
  10. Climate
Src: The Black Book of Outsourcing [tx @PrivacyProf]
Direct link: 2009 The Year of Outsourcing Dangerously (PDF)

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