The dynamics of successful phishing attacks

Who's better at thwarting phishing attacks, men or women? According to a recent study, neither. Both men and women are equally susceptible to fall for a phishing attack. 23% of people will fall for (i.e. believe in) a spear phishing (i.e. targeted phishing) attack. Attacks written with an authoritative tone are 40% more successful than those offering a reward (bribe).

The SCMagazine article has several interesting points from Joshua Perrymon, CEO of PacketFocus: “We see around 70 percent response with directed attacks.” Perrymon also cautioned that cultural differences will impact the phisher's success: in the US, China, and Japan, authority is seldom challenged, a trait that the phishers can use to their benefit.

Src1: New study details the dynamics of successful phishing |
Src2: InfoSec: 23 percent of users fall for spear phishing
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