QOTD - Schultz on Monitoring vs European Privacy Laws

Privacy protection is a major issue and priority in most European countries. At the same time, however, the need for monitoring user Internet activity for discovering illegal activity, identifying employee misconduct, and so on is growing. In the process of achieving equilibrium between privacy and monitoring, some compromises concerning individuals' right to and expectation of privacy will certainly have to be made (as is occurring in Finland), something that will not sit well with most Europeans. -- Dr. Eugene Schultz, CTO of Emagined Security and member SANS NewsBites editorial board
Src: ANS Institute - SANS NewsBites Vol 11 Num 21

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Brian Honan said...

Gene is correct regarding the European assertion to privacy and that is why properly written Acceptable Usage Policies where the user is made aware that they should have no expectations to privacy are clearly spelt out.