Stolen computer at UT exposes data on 24K students and 450 faculty

An apparent break-in at an office in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Toledo, Ohio yielded more than just a computer: university officials will also be notifying 24,000 students about FERPA data exposure (student ID # and grades). More troubling is that the stolen computer also had data on 450 faculty, including names, birth dates and SSNs.

As is unfortunately too common across most colleges/universities,
The personal data was saved on the computer itself and not on the university's network, which officials are encouraging staff to do.
A university official claimed that the "computer was password protected and many of the files were specifically encrypted or individually password protected." However, as security professionals caution about, using "password-protected" documents (i.e. MS Word, MS Excel, PDFs) is not considered strong protection as this "protection" can easily be cracked or bypassed.

Src: Stolen computer at UT contains personal information of students, faculty

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