QOTD on the Value of Non-Tech Mindset

Rafal Los (aka @RafalLos) has a good post on the value of seeing things from a non-technology mindset; he terms it "crossing-over." Here is an excerpt:
We technologists get a tunnel-vision for technology solutions and everything begins to look black and white. Every problem is either solvable, or it's not. The network is either secured by the firewall, or it's not. The server is either patched or it isn't. Things are either secured... or they're not. Black or white. Yea... that's mostly wrong.

What we consistently fail to see is the middle ground out there, the gray areas, the good enough that eludes our technical genius.
Often times the correct answer for the business is absolutely the wrong answer for technology and security - but it's got to be done.
Src: Crossing Over | Digital Soapbox

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