QOTD - Geer on Rate of Change in InfoSec

The world we live in now is one where the rate of change is so great it is hard to develop a skilled craft because by the time you do, the problem set has moved on.

I think information security is quite possibly the most intellectually challenging profession on the planet. For that reason that what was true yesterday may not be tomorrow. In information security in particular, the rising fraction of R & D that is done by the opposition, and is funded by the opposition by its own revenue, is quite fascinating and makes things very difficult. At the same time, have we made progress? Sure. But the challenging aspect to this continues to be this rate of change and the degree to which you need to be on your toes all the time. -- Dan Geer, CISO at In-Q-Tel
Src: Geer: Risk Management Should Change the Future | CSO Online

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