Incident Response Templates, Cheat Sheets, and more

Yesterday I put out a call to the Twitterverse looking for Incident Response templates. There were many excellent suggestions so I decided to aggregate them here for future use.

Good start:
DDOS related -
Good list -,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,3629.msg19357/topicseen,1/

More depth:
Also see NIST Incident Response Templates: NIST SP 800-86, 800-83, 800-61rev1
Digital Forensic Analysis Methodology Flowchart (PDF)

Additional (not-IR specific sites):

Again, thanks to many in the Twitterverse who contributed: @lennyzeltser @shpantzer @idexperts @mikemurr @jth @cyberlocksmith @indi303 @raydavidson @richardebaker

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I created this thread, it is very useful =)