QOTD - Merrill on Security, Users, and Campus Sidewalks

Douglas Merrill, former Google VP of Engineering, said, in his opening keynote:
Let users dictate enterprise security needs.
He went on to give an analogy that I am very familiar with, that of campus sidewalks: the planners place sidewalks and grass; students create their own paths through the grass (usually the most direct route); planners have to put roadblocks (chains, planters) to keep students off the grass.

He said, "security companies will change from creating infrastructure boundaries to infrastructure resilience. If we can build security correctly, we make things easier, not harder."

Src: Former Google VP Suggests User-Based Security | The Industry Standard

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Unknown said...

Yes, the point of security is to make everything easier! If someone walks to walk through the grass, by gods let them walk through the grass!

Actually, student ID cards should have some built-in audio emitters and radio tagging. Kinda like a shock collar, it should emit unpleasant, unconsciously detectable sound frequencies any time a student veers off the path. They won't necessarily understand why they feel uneasy when they cut across the grass, but it should still condition behavior enough to curb it! =)