So you want to be a Chief Risk Officer?

John Ericksen, Chief Operating Risk Officer at PNC, described his responsibilities as having oversight of risks stemming from: operational risk governance, data analysis, external events, strategic risk elements, information security, privacy, business resilience, and financial intelligence.

For the banking sector, John considers the CRO's responsibility to be "to forge a view of these risks that transcends the bank's individual departments to enable quick decisions based on an enterprise-wide view of exposures" and being able "to add the right nuances to the information so you can have a thoughtful conversation about it with other staff."

Ultimately, the CRO must be able to understand data:
how it's collected, its integrity, what it's being used for, its accuracy and making sure the right data management systems and technology are in place to make informed decisions based on portfolio, geographic and customer views.
Src: The New Generals - 08..2009 | Bank Technology News

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