Rich Mogull on Safe Browsing Environments

Rich Mogull, founder of Securosis, shares with Macworld readers the elaborate (but in my view entirely justified) setup he uses to browse the Internet in a secure fashion. For the average user, this setup would definitely be too much. However, if money or fame makes you a likely target, this setup provides some of the best protections that technology can provide today.
My chosen profession requires a tad more paranoia than is mentally healthy for the average user. Still, these techniques are relevant for anyone concerned about security. At a minimum, I recommend dedicated password management, a dedicated Web browser or SSB [Site Specific Browser] for banking, and perhaps a VM [Virtual Machine] for those occasional trips to the darker edges of the Internet.
In my own practice, I use many of the same techniques described by Rich; after reading this, I will start implementing the rest.

Src: Super-safe Web browsing | Macworld

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