ENISA Warns of Alarming Increase in ATM Crime

As the annual cost of ATM-related fraud in Europe approaches half a billion Euros, the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), has issued Golden Rules to protect consumers against ATM fraud/crime:

Choosing an ATM Machine
1) Don't use ATMs with extra signage or warnings
2) Try to use ATMs inside banks
3) Don't use freestanding ATMs
Physical surroundings
4) Use an ATM which is in clear view and well lit
5) Be cautious of strangers and check they are at a reasonable distance away
Making Operations
6) Pay careful attention to the front of the machine for Tampering
7) Pay attention to the card reader for signs of additional devices
8) Look carefully for differences or unusual characteristics of the ATM's PIN pad
9) Look out for extra cameras
10) Protect your PIN by standing close to the ATM and shielding the key pad
11) Report confiscated cards immediately
12) Beware of ATMs that don't dispense cash and non-bank ATMs that don't charge fees
Statement Reviews
13) Frequently review your account statements
14) Report any suspicious activity immediately
Src: ENISA Warns of Alarming Increase in ATM Crime

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