QOTD - APTs as the new norm

Security researchers have been saying for years now that attackers are using zero days as a matter of course. They buy and sell exploits for vulnerabilities that Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle and other software makers have never heard of, use them until they're burned and then move on to the next one. And it's not just intelligence agencies or state-sponsored groups who operate on this level; it's simply the way things work now. One researcher called the use of zero days a 'baseline.'
What the Aurora attack is, however, is the public face of a threat that has been hidden from most people's view for far too long. It's the common, albeit cleverly targeted, attack that is going on every day on networks around the world.
It's the new normal. -- Dennis Fisher, writing for Threatpost
Src: Google Attack Was Tip of the Iceberg | Threatpost

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