QOTD - Blair on E-spy

Mr. Dennis C. Blair, Director of US National Intelligence, speaking at the Alfred M. Landon Lecture Series on Public Issues, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas:
One of the major growth areas of the business of gathering intelligence is penetrating foreign
networks, and bringing information to our analysts to write their reports. In this area, I can’t give
you many specific examples, since they’re classified. But it’s not difficult to imagine the value of
being able to read the e-mails of some foreigner involved in a plot against the United States.
Earlier, Mr. Blair also said:
Increasingly, the information we want to see – in order to find out what others are thinking and
doing – is stored and shared in their networks. So that’s where we go to get it. Foreign
governments communicate on networks [...] Organizations in which we’re interested store their records electronically, not in file cabinets.
Src: 20100222_speech.pdf (PDF) from DNI.gov

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