RSA 2010 Keynotes - Cloud & Security Svcs

8AM keynote at RSA by Arthur Coviello, Jr., Executive Vice President of EMC and President of RSA, also joined by David Cullinane (eBay), Paul Maritz (VMware) 

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[I feel like I'm in a movie theater, just no 3D glasses]

[Movie narrator: ]When we join forces, we are stronger, smarter, than alone, and that's why we come together each year.
[Now the go-go girls, dancing to "walk like an Egyptian"]

RSA Lifetime achievement award being presented to: Whit Diffie

Art Coviello, Jr., Executive Vice President of EMC and President of RSA:
"Because cloud computing represents a challenge as well as an opportunity, we have to be careful, we don't end up in hell."
Analogy between being blind and not being able to enjoy the benefits of the Guttenberg printing press. Then came Braille. In security, we have a similar opportunity to ensure that companies can reap the benefits of cloud computing.
CIO study 51% [only 51%??] sited security as the biggest concern about adoption of the cloud.
"People must everywhere be able to trust the cloud, even if they, literally and metaphorically, can't see it."
Focus on basics: People, Processes, & Technology
"Convergence of roles [due to cloud] will bring new challenges."

Video of Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware

Coviello describes four stages of going to the cloud:
1. Moving non-critical assets
2. Virtual enterprise
3. Enterprise develops internal clouds
4. Enterprise outsource their infrastructure... hybrid clouds

["GRC," "dashboard," and "compliance" used in the same sentence]

Discussion of co-tenancy issues, example of Coke vs Pepsi running VMs on same machine.

Goals for the cloud:
Gain visibility
Asses Security
Establish Trust
Prove Compliance

Video of David Cullinane, CISO of eBay

Coviello: "The cloud will turn the way we deliver security inside out."

Consider the evolution of currency systems
Barter -> Coins -> Paper currency -> Credit Cards & bonds/stocks

"Cloud computing will indeed complete the transformation of IT infrastructures unleashed by the Internet."

Excellence in the field of Security Practices award goes to: Malcolm Harkins (Intel)

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