RSA 2010 Keynotes - Defeating the Enemy - The road to Confidence

10AM Keynote by Enrique Salem, president and chief executive officer of Symantec

We can't control what employees say about themselves; we can try to control what they say about the company.
2010 State of Enterprise Security Report: over past 12 months, 75% of companies in survey had had a cyber attack. 100% of companies had a "cyber loss" in 2009 (e.g. internal or external).

Some of the way hackers got in: IMs with malicious links or PDFs with malicious payloads.

[Here comes the "mobile" pitch]

2009 "Sexy Space" worm attack on the Symbian platform.

"Malicious insiders are able to embed new malware in our environments..."

Speaking about the insider threat, Salem said "ultimately, you can never be sure who you can trust."

[nice animation of galaxy-like cloud]

Patching virtual machines should be easier to patch... patch once and all VMs should be updated.

Announcing "Data Insight" to solve data ownership problem to automatically determine data ownership, scan file shares exposed to all, and who is accessing what files.

[Video of CTO]

"Information will be our greatest asset."

Security is about "how do we securely manage diverse environments."

"If we work together, we can help the information economy reach its full potential."

Award for excellence in the field of Public Policy goes to: CSIS, Center for Strategic & International Studies for their work in the Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency.

Aware for excellence in the field of Mathematics presented by Ron Rivest. Award goes to: Dr. David Chaum

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