RSA 2010 Keynotes - Howard Schmidt

Howard Schmidt, White House Cyber-Security Coordinator

Jokes about the way to "register" for RSA back in the day, using pen, paper, & fax!

Be proactive! Compares security to fire-fighting & early days of fire-departments.

"How do we make things more resistant to the attacks that we're seeing?"

"You all are the ones making the difference," he said, recognizing the important roles that all of us here at RSA play.

Schmidt mentions his work to harmonize, make efficient, and make effective security across multiple areas of government. Refers to President Obama's May 2009 speech about our need for cyber-security.

"You can be FISMA compliant and not [be] secure."

"We'll beat them [i.e. our adversaries] because we will become stronger."

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