QOTD - Coviello on Virtualization

Virtualization is the engine of the cloud that will propel us forward; not in one sudden, giant leap, but rather as a journey that organizations will take at their own pace, realizing tangible benefits at every step along the way.
And by embedding security in the virtual abstraction layer - we get our "do over"!
We can enforce policies for information, identity, and infrastructure within this virtual layer. As a result, we can shift from infrastructure to information-centric policy concentrating on what is most important -- the information and who gets access -- rather than on a meaningless perimeter or mere plumbing.
Now, the enterprise must have far more mature processes for Governance, Risk and Compliance that can span their physical and virtual infrastructures. And because of the convergence of roles I spoke of earlier (server administration, network etc.) monitoring and controlling privileged access becomes increasingly important.
-- Art Coviello, RSA President
Note: emphasis mine.

Src: Keynotes - RSA Conference 2010 San Francisco

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