QOTD - ISACA on Social Media & Security

In a newly released paper entitled "Social Media: Business Benefits and Security, Governance and Assurance Perspectives," ISACA provides guidance for companies to address the increasing presence and relevance of social media while balancing the security and privacy implications. Excerpt below:
The use of social media is becoming a dominant force that has far-ranging implications for enterprises and individuals alike. While this emerging communication technology offers great opportunities to interact with customers and business partners in new and exciting ways, there are significant risks to those who adopt this technology without a clear strategy that addresses both the benefits and the risks. There are also significant risks and potential opportunity costs for those who think that ignoring this revolution in communication is the appropriate way to avoid the risks it presents. The only viable approach is for each enterprise to engage all relevant stakeholders and to establish a strategy and associated policies that address the pertinent issues.
Src: ISACA Featured Deliverables

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