QOTD on Aurora Attacks

The attackers who launched Operation Aurora knew their targets well from both corporate and personal viewpoints. They knew what their victims were running and what their roles were. The attackers even knew what application versions they used. (Ever wonder why the zero-day was limited in effectiveness to Internet Explorer Version 6 when the attack commenced? The attackers knew that was all they needed.)

The intel that the attackers gathered to make Operation Aurora work is what made it a success–not the operating system involved. The targets were the people.
Would it make any difference if the victims were running Linux or any other operating system if an attacker builds such a sophisticated profile? Not remotely. Linux, Windows, Mac, whatever–everything has weaknesses. Especially the users of those systems.
When an attacker knows the details of a company’s technical deployment and personnel to the level we saw in Operation Aurora, the difference between one operating system and another is irrelevant. Any system or network can be technically compromised. Likewise, malware can be written for any operating system. -- David Marcus, Security Research and Communications Manager for McAfee
Note: last emphasis added by me, earlier emphases from original document

Src: Computer Security Research - McAfee Labs Blog

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