QOTD - Geer on Risk & Dependencies

The root source of risk is dependence — dependence on system state, including dependence on expectations of system state reliability. Indeed, my definition of security has co-evolved with my understanding of risk and risk’s source, to where I currently define security as the absence of unmitigatable surprise. Thus, increasing dependence results in heightened difficulty in crafting mitigations. This increasing complexity embeds dependencies in a manner that may diminish the frequency of surprises; however, the surprises will be all the more unexpected when they inevitably occur.
And that is the crux of the matter: our dependence on all things cyber as a society is now inestimably irreversible and irreversibly inestimable. That sounds more apocalyptic than I intend, but the competent risk manager always asks, “How bad could it be?” or, in the altogether American tortious style, “Who will have to pay?”
-- Dan Geer, Chief Information Security Officer for In-Q-Tel

Note: emphasis is mine

Src: Cybersecurity and National Policy | Harvard National Security Journal

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