QOTD - ENISA on Smart Phones & Privacy

If you are one of the hundreds of millions of smartphone users worldwide, you probably spend more time with your phone than your spouse: with its array of applications and sensors, it may even know more about you.
-- ENISA Official Press Release

Src: Security, is there an app for that? EU’s cyber-security agency highlights risks & opportunities of smartphones | ENISA

QOTD on SSN use in US Military

I stenciled portions of my Social Security number on my laundry bag in Iraq, where it was memorized by foreign-national laundry workers trying to enhance their customer service. I’d walk in and they’d say, ‘Number 1234, here’s your laundry,’ and they were very proud of that fact.
-- Lt. Col. Gregory Conti, former army intelligence officer, now West Point faculty

Colonel Conti has co-authored a report critical of the military's pervasive use of SSNs. The report is entitled  The Military’s Cultural Disregard for Personal Information

Src: Service Members Face New Threat - Identity Theft - NYTimes.com