QOTD - Amoroso on Security via Diversity

Serious attacks are not stopped by running an anti-virus program, they are not stopped by having people change passwords, they are not stopped by firewalls, they are stopped by other means….The first and foremost thing is that diversity is good….From a network and systems perspective, I get a lot of sleep at night when there is an attack on an IP-based system knowing that it is not going anywhere near our TDM circuit-switched infrastructure; they are just separate. The technologies are different, the systems are different, and they are non-interoperable.
-- Edward Amoroso, Chief Security Officer at AT&T, author of Cyber Attacks: Protecting National Infrastructure

Src: Infosecurity (USA) - Information security practices need to be rethought, says AT&T security chief

QOTD - In Defense of FUD

If you think buying anything, whether physical or metaphysical, can completely relieve you of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, you are naïve. People don’t work that way, and we shouldn’t. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt, at reasonable levels, keep us alive, and alert.

I am not a proponent of crippling fear any more than I am a fan of naïve confidence, but a little bit of discomfort and uncertainty can drive us to question our preparedness, and rethink the challenges we face. And that is healthy.
-- Jack Daniel, Information Security Curmudgeon & Community Development Manager for Astaro

Src: Uncommon Sense Security: In Defense of FUD

QOTD on Big Brother's Little Brother

In the past we only worried about Big Brother governments assembling detailed dossiers about us. Then came what privacy advocates called Little Brother – corporations that collect data from their customers.
-- Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams

Src: CTV News | Social media's unexpected threat

QOTD on IT Risks

With insurance actuaries, the data stays the same. In IT security, nothing stays the same.
-- Chris Petch, Senior Research Analyst at the Information Security Forum

Src: Professional workshop: Managing your way out of risk - SC Magazine UK