QOTD - Uri Rivner on the RSA Hack

One cannot stress enough the point about APTs being, first and foremost, a new attack doctrine built to circumvent the existing perimeter and endpoint defenses. It’s a little similar to stealth air fighters: for decades you’ve based your air defense on radar technology, but now you have those sneaky stealth fighters built with odd angles and strange composite materials. You can try building bigger and better radars, or, as someone I talked to said, you can try staring more closely at your existing radars in hope of catching some faint signs of something flying by, but this isn’t going to turn the tide on stealthy attackers. Instead you have to think of a new defense doctrine.
It is also important to note that just as stealth fighters evade radar instead of defeating it, APTs do not “defeat” security products. They just find ways to fly below the existing technology.
What we’re witnessing now are the early days. We’re now in 1939, and U-boats are an impossible menace. We’re now in 2004, and social engineering attacks get away with our customer’s money. We’re now in 2011, and the tidal wave of targeted attacks has reached our shores. It’s time to respond as an industry, define and execute a new defense doctrine based on information sharing, deep analytics and advanced threat management.
-- Uri Rivner, Head of New Technologies, Consumer Identity Protection, at RSA

Src: Anatomy of an Attack « Speaking of Security – The RSA Blog and Podcast

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