QOTD on Stop, Think, Connect

People online need to check their brains at the keyboard. They use their heads when they drive so they drive safely. So they need to think when they're online. They need to stop before they're about to do something online, think about what it is they're about to do, and then connect, and do so in a safe way. It's sad for those of us in the information technology industry and people who have been cybersecurity geeks for 15 years, but nobody actually buys a computer to have computer security. They buy a computer to do things. That's the whole purpose of having a computer. That's why they're going to connect. They just need to do so in the right way.
-- Philip Reitinger, Deputy Undersecretary, US Department of Homeland Security

Src: DHS Hears Government Infosec Pros Concerns

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