QOTD - Cyber Spies Are Winning

Business leaders are waking up to the new reality that cyber adversaries, from hacktivists to nation-state adversaries, can gain almost unlimited access to their networks. Corporate boards are now demanding answers from befuddled Chief Information Security Officer who frequently only have their compliance lists instead of real solutions to counter the threat.

The reality is we have all collectively been too complacent in the face of a determined adversary for too long. We have let our technology stagnate for a decade using reactive defenses developed in the 2oth century against a 21st century threat that produces over 70,000 new attacks every day. All the while there is a constant, methodical, silent, systemic hoovering of our nation’s secrets and our corporations’ intellectual property, eroding our ability to compete against emerging economies. The intellectual wealth of our nation is being stolen out from underneath us, hastening the flattening of the world faster than even Thomas Friedman predicted. For the nation that invented the Internet and built billion dollar businesses like Google and Facebook, it’s time to re-invent security for the digital economy.
-- Anup Ghosh,founder and CEO of Invincea

Src: Cyber Spies Are Winning: Time To Reinvent Online Security - Forbes

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