QOTD on Theories and Models

As the field of information security matures, naturally, more attention and work is being done to establish theories and models that could one day be used to predict or detect behaviors or incidents. The quote below, from Emmanuel Derman's book "Models.Behaving.Badly" isn't about information security but about finance; however, I believe the lesson is equally applicable to our field.
The similarity of physics and finance lies more in their syntax than their semantics. In physics you’re playing against God, and He doesn’t change His laws very often. In finance you’re playing against God’s creatures, agents who value assets based on their ephemeral opinions. The truth therefore is that there is no grand unified theory of everything in finance. There are only models of specific things.

Src: Models.Behaving.Badly | Not Even Wrong Blog
(Hat tip to @oneraindrop for mentioning this blog post)

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