QOTD - Spafford on Infosec as a Profession

The real value chance for advancement and chance to make a difference is in treating this really as a profession [...] It's very similar to what one might encounter in becoming a doctor, lawyer or college professor, where you have to devote yourself to life-long education and development and continuing to hone your skills. Part of being a professional is to actually continue to improve in what you're doing, rather than treating it simply as a job [...] I think it's time to also make the distinction between having a job and being part of a profession. Training will get you a job. Education - especially ongoing education - is part of being a professional and that's where I think the future really lies for many people in this field.
-- Professor Eugene H. Spafford, Executive Director, CERIAS at Purdue University

Note: emphasis is mine.

Src: Infosec Careers: The New Demands (see page 3 for actual quote)

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