QOTD - Art Coviello RSA 2012 Keynote - Adversaries

New breeds of cybercriminals, hacktivists and rogue nation states have become as adept at exploiting the vulnerabilities of our digital world as our customers have become at exploiting its value.  With increased speed, agility and cunning, attackers are taking advantage of gaps in security resulting from the openness of today’s hyper-connected infrastructures, and our own slow response to recognize the potency of the emerging threat landscape and our inability to band together.  Our adversaries are better coordinated, have developed better intelligence, and easily outflank our traditional perimeter defenses.
-- Art Coviello, Executive Vice President of EMC and Executive Chairman of RSA

Note: emphasis is mine.

Src: RSA Conference Keynote from Art Coviello, “Sustaining Trust in a Hyperconnected World” (San Francisco, February 28, 2012)

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