The undetected malware issue

For every Stuxnet or Flame that turns up, there likely are dozens or hundreds of analogous tools sitting undetected on systems around the world.
-- Dennis Fisher, Editor-in-chief, Threatpost

Src: Gauss, Flame Highlight Problem of Defeating High-End Malware | threatpost

QOTD - InfoSec and The CFO

Security is not just an IT risk, it’s a business risk. As CFO, your responsibility is to understand the business risks and how the organization is set up to mitigate those risks. 
-- Jason Pett, co-author of the PwC report entitled "Fortifying your defenses The role of internal audit in assuring data security and privacy" 

Src: C-Suite Slipping on Information Security, Study Finds

On Security for DNA Data

Ken Chahine (Senior VP of & GM of AncestryDNA): Why would someone hack our servers to access my data when you could follow me to a coffee shop and grab a sample from my used coffee cup? 

Amy Gutman (Chair of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues): The questions of personal privacy and genome sequencing do not boil down to ownership. I cannot own what I leave behind. 

Note: emphasis is mine.

Src: Do privacy concerns follow the coffee cup? » - The blog of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues