QOTD on Cyberspace as the New Battlefront

States at the moment seem to have little self-restraint in cyber.
This is very dangerous... The consequence may be that... we find ourselves with a redefinition of 'war' - one that is never declared, seldom visible but effectively constant.
-- Alexander Klimburg, cyber security expert at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs

Src: Cyberspace the new frontier in Iran's war with foes - Yahoo! News

QOTD on Stuxnet

Stuxnet was effective, but it wasn't a knockout blow. What it has done, however, is open a new front. 
-- Ilan Berman, VP of the American Foreign Policy Council and former CIA &Pentagon consultant 

Src: Cyberspace the new frontier in Iran's war with foes - Yahoo! News

QOTD - Kaspersky on Cyberwarfare

We can’t let cyber-warfare stall human progress, as it threatens not only governments and businesses, but regular people as well.
In the long run, cyber-warfare is where all parties lose: attackers, victims and even uninvolved observers. Unlike traditional weapons, tools used in cyber-warfare are very easy to clone and reprogramme by adversaries. 
--Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab

Src: Kasperksy to launch own operating system | GulfNews.com

QOTD - Bits & Bytes

The uncomfortable reality of our world today is that bits and bytes can be as threatening as bullets and bombs.
-- Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (US)

Src: WHY IT MATTERS: Cybersecurity - Yahoo! News

QOTD - Stuxnet & the genie in the bottle

Once the genie was out of the bottle with Stuxnet then it was always going to be a case of we must have our own variant or we will get left behind.

I think what people are missing is military theory. Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military general, said that 'to subdue the enemy without fighting is the essence of skill', and [Carl von] Clausewitz said 'war is the continuation of policy by other means', and cyberspace is perfect for those ideas. It allows you to do something better with another tool...
-- Commodore Patrick Tyrrell

Src: State-sponsored cyber espionage projects now prevalent, say experts | Technology | guardian.co.uk