QOTD on Senior Execs and Boards

Senior executives and board members with fiduciary roles must take up the mantle to institute change in their companies. CIO’s and CISO’s must also be new-breed, proactive information security champions, each reporting directly to the CEO. They must operate from the same playbook with the same business rationale. Finding vulnerabilities must be rewarded. Every board meeting needs to make this an ongoing focus area to measure.

We have entered into a new era of pervasive technology and resulting exponential vulnerabilities. Senior executives and boards have no choice but to get in the game and drive the efforts to ensure their values and competitive advantage sustainability.

The return on investment for holistic security investment is your business survival.
-- Casey Fleming, chairman and CEO of BlackOps Partners Corporation

Note: emphasis is mine

Src: Wake-Up Call From the Largest Data Breach in History » The Epoch Times