QOTD - Blame it on Snowden

There are probably 30 governments who are going through that catalog and saying, 'I didn't know you could do that,' and saying, 'Find somebody who will give me one of these.'
authoritarian governments around the world are going to have new tools, and our tools are going to be less effective.
You can have these programs, of course, but if you debate intelligence programs in the clear, the chances are they are not particularly effective programs after they've been debated in that fashion. So I think that it's a very damaging debate to have. 
-- Stewart Baker, former assistant secretary of Homeland Security,
as interviewed by NPR

Src: The Case Against Clemency: Expert Says Snowden's Leaks Hurt Security : The Two-Way : NPR

Editorial note: There. End of debate! There should be no debate.

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