QOTD - World War C (C=CyberSpace)

Cyberspace has become a full-blown war zone as governments across the globe clash for digital supremacy in a new, mostly invisible theater of operations. Once limited to opportunistic criminals, cyber attacks are becoming a key weapon for governments seeking to defend national sovereignty and project national power.  
-- FireEye report entitled "World War C"

Src: How Classified NSA Exploit tools RADON and DEWSWEEPER Work - InfoSec Institute

Note: the rest of the page linked above is also worth reading, along with the original FireEye report of course (link to PDF). Here's the rest of the paragraph from FireEye's original paragraph (src):
From strategic cyber espionage campaigns, such as Moonlight Maze and Titan Rain, to the destructive, such as military cyber strikes on Georgia and Iran, human and international conflicts are entering a new phase in their long histories. In this shadowy battlefield, victories are fought with bits instead of bullets, malware instead of militias, and botnets instead of bombs. 
These covert assaults are largely unseen by the public. Unlike the wars of yesteryear, this cyber war produces no dramatic images of exploding warheads, crumbled buildings, or fleeing civilians. But the list of casualties—which already includes some of the biggest names in technology, financial services, defense, and government—is growing larger by the day.

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