QOTD - Warren Buffett On Cybersecurity

I don't know that much about cyber, but I do think that's the number one problem with mankind.
-- Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Src: Warren Buffett says cybersecurity is the number one problem with mankind at Berkshire Hathaway meeting - Business Insider

QOTD - Hubbard on the Risk Management Method

The single most important metric in all of risk management is the performance of the risk management method itself. The list of risks identified can be no more valid than the entire process of identifying risks. I would think that also applies to the method of "approving" mechanisms of measurement.
-- Douglas W. Hubbard, President of Hubbard Decision Research

[Source: statement made by the author on a closed mailing list.Posted with permission of the author.]

QOTD - Foreign Government e-Spying

The nation-states that are targeting U.S. companies and U.S. government have taken a big data approach to this information. They don’t know if this is valuable now, but it might be valuable in five years so they amass it now while they can.
— Erik Rasmussen, cyber practice leader for Kroll

Src: Foreign government may be behind Anthem data breach

QOTD - Litan on Foreign Government e-Spying

Intelligence has become a data-mining exercise. The intelligence officer of 2017 needs a lot of data to find targets and get to the targets that they’re interested in.
— Avivah Litan, VP & Security Analyst at Gartner Research

Src: Foreign government may be behind Anthem data breach